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Camping on Lake Constance
Affordable and family-friendly campsites

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The Lake Constance region is situated in the middle of a varied and interesting landscape and attracts many guests to the border region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria both in summer and winter. Numerous sights and attractions around the lake and water activities on it offer a lot of leisure fun and leave no place for boredom. Just as varied as the activities and sights in the Lake Constance region are the overnight accommodations.

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The advantages of a camping holiday

As a camper, you always have your bed with you. Your own sleeping bag, an air mattress and you're ready to sleep. A camping holiday also offers a lot of flexibility. The night before was long? Sleeping in and having a late breakfast is no problem when camping. You simply eat the meals when it fits into your daily routine and not when the schedule of the hotel dictates it. What's more, only what you like is served on the table.

Compared to many other overnight accommodations, camping is also an affordable holiday at Lake Constance. The camping holiday also offers you the possibility of pitching your tent wherever you like, provided of course that camping is permitted there. Nowhere else is there as much proximity to nature as camping. Camping offers many possibilities, especially for families with children. The children quickly come into contact with other children and can let off steam to their heart's content.

Planning the perfect camping holiday

What is absolutely necessary for camping and what is not, also depends on the type of camping. When camping with a caravan, you will need different camping equipment than with a tent. When camping in a tent, you should always have the following with you:

  • a suitable tent
  • one tarpaulin
  • sleeping pads, sleeping bags and pillows
  • a camping stove
  • pots and pans
  • camping crockery and cutlery
  • a can opener
  • refuse sacks
  • clothing appropriate to the weather
  • a toilet bag with toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, soap and comb
  • toilet paper
  • a first aid kit
  • a mobile phone for emergencies
  • a map
  • a compass
  • insect spray.

Pitch, rental caravan or something completely different?

Depending on the campsite, the guest can take advantage of various offers. While some campsites only offer pitches, in others a tent, a caravan or a caravan can also be rented. So guests can easily arrive by small car or by bicycle and spend the night in a caravan on the spot. Also further sleep possibilities like e.g. the sleep barrels on the camping site Seewiese Illmensee are booked. For every type of holiday, there is the right offer.

Camping for young people - What should I bear in mind?

Because of the low costs and certainly also because of the campfire romanticism, many campsites attract young people. But there are a few things to keep in mind. On some campsites, camping is forbidden for young people under the age of 18 without the company of their parents or legal guardians. Also, the journey with a group of young people is often only possible after arrangement and requires the permission of the camping management. Some campsites allow young people to camp without parents or guardians, but in most cases, a declaration of consent from the parents is required. However, camping at Lake Constance always brings a lot of fun to young people!

Even guests who otherwise prefer holiday apartments or hotels on Lake Constance will enjoy this new experience during their camping holiday. Holidays in nature that are fun for everyone!