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Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft
Boat trip on Untersee and Rhine

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Beautiful views - for over 150 years!

The locals know what holidaymakers suspect: The shipping route between Kreuzlingen and Schaffhausen is the most beautiful river cruise in Europe. Since 1865, the Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein (URh) has been sailing on the western part of Lake Constance and the Upper Rhine.

Opposites attract - also here in the north of Switzerland, directly on the border with Germany. The idyllic, quiet panorama opens up to the observer on Untersee. The water quietly spreads out before his eyes. And then - the ship! The bow ploughs its way through the waves, imposing, powerful, energetic. Here, on the journey from Kreuzlingen towards Schaffhausen, past and present, nature and culture meet.

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The Constance Rhine Bridge is both the beginning and the end. Whoever crosses under it leaves the hustle and bustle of the Obersee behind him. From now on the day will be dominated by peace and tranquillity. Now the landscape expands. The waters of Zellersee and Gnadensee glisten in the sun. And over as well as over: The gardens at Untersee! They present themselves to the visitor in a well-groomed and well-kept setting.

History is omnipresent. Castles and palaces, historical places with half-timbered buildings on both sides of the lake bear witness to the rich cultural heritage of the region. The view wanders. There is the Napoleon Museum in Arenenberg Castle near Mannenbach. There is the Reichenau. UNESCO world heritage site, vegetable island, the cradle of European horticulture, destination for excursions - the island is a real highlight.

Insider tip and history

Further west is the Höri peninsula. A dreamy area with culture, nature and picturesque villages - and a real addition to the tourist highlights on the High Rhine, such as Stein am Rhein. The Rhine bridge connects this historic town with the railway station in the district "Vor der Brugg". Hohenklingen Castle sits defiant and mighty on the range of hills behind the old town. It entices with a wonderful view over the region.

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Right after Stein am Rhein, the water shows a new side: Pure nature! The river meanders through the quiet landscape, a lot of forest and a few historical buildings - the journey to Diessenhofen is already the reward.

And then this! The bridge passage at Diessenhofen is absolutely spectacular! A historical, covered wooden bridge awaits the ship. The captain steers it calmly through the narrow passage. The river floats forward, further, further and further.

Schaffhausen is the destination. The Munot, the beautiful, tranquil old town with its countless oriels, the many restaurants - the town is cosy and invites you to stroll. And who knows, maybe it is even enough for a side trip to the Rhine Falls with its thundering and thundering waters.

Winter themed tours

Even in winter, you can enjoy boat trips on the URh. With theme cruises such as the cheese fondue ship, the Sunday roast ship and the brunch ship, you can combine culinary delights with a leisurely cruise.

Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft
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