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260 kilometres around Lake Constance

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One of the most popular cycle paths in Europe

The Lake Constance cycle path (Bodenseeradweg) is one of the most popular cycle paths in Europe. And no wonder: around Lake Constance, cyclists come across numerous places of interest and cycle in particularly charming natural surroundings. The climate at Lake Constance is stable so that especially in summer there is hardly any danger of getting soaked frequently. The approximately 260 km long Lake Constance cycle path is extremely varied, as it leads through three countries and past numerous beautiful holiday resorts. Along the way, restaurateurs lure you in with delightful culinary delights, while excursion restaurants with lake views invite you to linger. Cycling couldn't be more beautiful!

The route

The 260 km long section of the Lake Constance cycle path leads around the entire Lake Constance including Untersee and Überlinger See. The region's well-developed cycle paths also make it possible to take a detour into the surrounding countryside. The Lake Constance cycle path passes all the towns around Lake Constance. The route is divided into a section between Constance and Meersburg and a tour with Untersee and Überlinger See. Of course, smaller sections can also be covered. Abbreviations are also possible.

Level of difficulty

The Lake Constance cycle path is not very difficult to cycle, as a large part of the route is flat - all sections directly on the lake belong to the flat parts. Only in the section of the cycle path that is located in Switzerland, there are some hillier stages, because here the path often does not lead directly along the lake.

Abbreviation possibilities

If you don't want to cycle the whole way, there are some shortcuts on the Lake Constance cycle path. A good option is to take bicycles with you on the Lake Constance course boats, which is possible for a fee. Bicycles are also allowed on the ferries Meersburg-Constance and Friedrichshafen-Romanshorn. Thus the distance can be shortened according to individual desires. Another alternative is to cover one or more sections with the trains that travel on Lake Constance. There are very good connections between the individual communities on Lake Constance.

Sights along the Lake Constance cycle path

A complete list of the sights at Lake Constance is hardly possible, as there are simply too many. Therefore, only the highlights will be presented here. The Lake Constance cycle path leads past the university town of Constance with its medieval town centre, the Birnau pilgrimage church, the magnificent flower island of Mainau and the venue of the Bregenz Festival.

Organized bike tours - without luggage it's even better to cycle!

Some tour operators offer organised cycle tours around Lake Constance. The journeys are completely arranged by the organizers - the travellers by bike cycle on selected distances and stay in selected hotels. The service of organized trips also includes rental bikes and repair service. Some of the organised tours also have a tour guide in their programme who will guide you on your bike tour.

Tips for a successful tour on the Lake Constance cycle path

For a successful tour on the Lake Constance cycle path, cyclists should take a few tips to heart, because the cycle paths on Lake Constance and the special conditions that the tour brings with it, have some special features for which the cyclists should be prepared. The following section provides an overview of the most important tips.

Bring your passport or identity card

First of all, it is mandatory to carry your identity card or passport, as you will cross several borders on your way. In order to pass unhindered, every cyclist should be able to identify himself.

The signage

The Bodenseeradweg is signposted throughout. However, it can be a little treacherous that the sections in the different countries are also signposted differently. The cyclists should be prepared for this.

Please book your accommodation in advance!

On a bicycle tour, one is gladly spontaneous, in order to be able to change stages again depending upon perseverance or to use another cycle route than planned. On the Bodenseeradweg, however, this is not advisable - the entire region around Lake Constance is very popular with holidaymakers. Although there are numerous youth hostels, guesthouses, camping sites, hotels and guesthouses along the way, these are usually well occupied. To avoid unpleasant surprises, cyclists should, therefore, book their accommodation in advance.

Zuallererst ist das Mitführen des Personalausweises oder Passes Pflicht, denn schließlich überquert man auf dem Weg mehrere Grenzen. Um ungehindert zu passieren, sollte sich natürlich jeder Radler ausweisen können.

Der Bodenseeradweg ist durchgehend beschildert. Ein wenig tückisch kann es jedoch sein, dass die Abschnitte in den unterschiedlichen Ländern auch jeweils verschieden beschildert sind. Darauf sollten die Radler vorbereitet sein.

Auf einer Radtour ist man gerne spontan, um Etappen je nach Ausdauer noch einmal abändern zu können oder einen anderen Radwanderweg zu nutzen als geplant. Auf dem Bodenseeradweg ist dieses Vorgehen jedoch nicht ratsam - die gesamte Region um den Bodensee ist bei Urlaubern sehr beliebt. Zwar gibt es am Weg zahlreiche Jugendherbergen, Pensionen, Campingplätze, Hotels und Gasthäuser, diese sind jedoch in der Regel gut belegt. Um keine böse Überraschung zu erleben, sollten die Radwanderer daher unbedingt ihre Unterkünfte vorab buchen.

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