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Cycling on Reichenau island
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Surprising insights

The island of Reichenau is famous for its vegetable and salad fields. But on closer inspection, the island also offers charming corners and surprising insights and views. A visit to the Reichenau is also attractive because of the spatial density of leisure activities. But above all, a summer day on the island is pure holiday feeling. Even if many others already do: The best way to get there is by bike.

On a discovery tour

Here in Germany, every child knows that Reichenau has plenty of "real" culture to offer beyond agricultural cultures. After all, it is part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Three Romanesque churches and the Baroque monastery complex testify to the rich history of the area. If you take your time and let the special atmosphere of the island have an effect on you, you can still feel the peace of a "monastery island" today. The main advantage of the paths on Reichenau is that they are far away from traffic. Obviously, the inhabitants love their island: one drives through a colourful sea of flowers. The signposted cycle path usually stops near the shore and opens up new, often surprisingly beautiful views of the lake and the landscape opposite.

If one really wants to get to know the island, one should discover it peu à peu for oneself. On the Reichenau, this is no problem - one can hardly get lost here. It is best to mark a few essential starting points - the rest is optional. Simply drive into the blue, collect impressions, enjoy: That works wonderfully here.

Where the wine grows

Don't miss a visit to the Hochwart. This is the Reichenau vineyard and as such the highest elevation on the island: at 439 metres above sea level (only 43 metres above lake level) it offers a wide-ranging view over the entire area of the Zeller See and Gnadensee. Since the 9th century, the Reichenau island wine has been cultivated around Hochwart. Today the vineyards, the grapes of which are processed in the winegrower's cellar near the cathedral, cover around 18 hectares and are planted with Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Kerner and Gutedel. All wines that go well with Lake Constance fish, and here at Reichenau you can find them in all variations. Which brings us back to our meal.

Organic food to bring home

At the end of the visit to this almost paradisiacal island, a little shopping would be appropriate. After all, one can easily get a lot of vitamins here: many gardeners have a small stall in front of their house. We recommend a visit to the two organic producers with direct sales. These are Lothar Gasser in Merzengasse and Markus Spicker, who has his farm shop in Seestraße. Now that there is a healthy supply of food in the fridge at home, the trip to the largest island in Lake Constance has finally paid off. Conclusion: View valuable cultural treasures, eat and drink well, bathe: The Reichenau offers something of everything and in addition a beautiful, unique (cultural) landscape.

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