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Escape in Time
Can you escape in 60 minutes?

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The Game

Escape in Time - diamonds are only created under pressure. But are you a true diamond, or is your group crumbling like an old cookie in a satchel? You'll find out in Escape in Time.

You will be locked into a room and have exactly 60 minutes to escape from it. How you do that is your problem. All you get is a piece of chalk and a walkie-talkie. Just like before - only that our walkie-talkies work.

For whom is it suitable?

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  • For friends & clubs
  • For the family

Mafia Job

Don Patrone was killed by the enemy Pattocini clan. The police have got wind of it and are just getting the search warrant for your power centre from the judge. Under no circumstances should they know what happened in that back room. They will be there in 60 minutes. Time enough to save the fortune.

Crazy and drag-stitched

You've been kidnapped, and suddenly you're standing in a confusing room. What you see around you just doesn't make sense: Psychedelic murals, massive locks and a chained woman in the corner. But quickly it becomes clear - the woman is not the victim, but the crazy perpetrator and just for 60 minutes in shock rigidity. Your chance to escape - but only if you're smarter than her.

Bowling alley of horror

This smell looks familiar to you - what was it like? Only one place smells like that ... Exactly! An old bowling alley! An evil, 75-year-old man has locked you in his bowling alley, where he used to bowl with two friends. But it came to an argument and now both friends are dead. That's why the old man needs new players - for the rest of his life. Your only chance not to have to bowl forever: Escape. The old man takes exactly 60 minutes of a nap every day. Time is running...

Escape in Time Mosman & Brugger GbR
Kirchweg 1
88048 Friedrichshafen

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