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The three premium hiking trails "Landgänge Bodensee"
Hiking with alpine and lake views

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Three premium hiking tours not to be missed!

Gehrenberg, Höchsten, Oberhomberg, ... The names of many route highlights alone give hikers an idea of what awaits them there: Magnificent views of the Linzgau, Lake Constance and of course the Alps. From the highest point, a breathtaking Alpine panorama of almost 250 kilometres in length stretches before the eye of the beholder on a clear day! Fascinating views that can be enjoyed particularly comfortably on the double relaxation loungers made of wood. The three certified Bodensee LandGänge "Gehrenberg GuckinsLand", "Bermatinger Waldwiesen" and "Bergtour Höchsten" are designed as self-contained circular hiking trails, each with a common starting and finishing point.

What are premium hiking trails?

A premium trail is a certified hiking trail that must meet the highest standards. In order to filter out the criteria for an optimal hiking path, such a hiking path must meet many criteria of the German Hiking Institute. In summary, it can be said that a grassy/needle/earthy path surface is nicer than hiking on paved paths. And easier on the joints. Narrow curved paths are more exciting than wide, straight paths. Changing landscapes and views are more attractive than walking for hours through monotonous spruce forests. There must be a reward beer - inns along the way. Perfect marking is crucial. Nothing is more annoying than missing or irritating markings.

The shore walks fulfil all these criteria. The spectrum ranges from the easy half-day tour to the sometimes difficult full-day tour. The varied routes mostly lead along forest and field paths as well as unspoilt paths. And as different as they may be, all three Bodensee LandGänge have one thing in common: nature experience and relaxation at the highest level.

Duration approx. 5 hours, length approx. 15 km.

The GuckinsLand tour starts in the Markdorf district of Möggenweiler at the Vogelsang car park. After just a few metres the hiker passes a building of a very special kind: a historic water reservoir built in 1903/1904.
The route continues with an ascent along forest paths and paths until the 30-metre-high Gehrenberg Tower is soon reached. It was erected in 1903 as the "Großherzog-Friedrich-Warte" (Grand Duke Friedrich's Control Room) and still inspires today with a fantastic view over Lake Constance, which in clear weather reaches from Feldberg to the Bavarian, Austrian and Swiss Alpine peaks.

Shortly after the Gehrenberg Tower, one arrives at one of the most spectacular scenic attractions in the Lake Constance region: since the great earthquake on 16 November 1911, the so-called "slide" has run along the Fuchsbühls, an almost 30-metre vertical abyss extending into the depths. Although the unsecured edge should be enjoyed with a little caution, it offers a magnificent view of Markdorf and Lake Constance.

We continue through the forest to the Linzgaublick with beautiful views to the west and a generously dimensioned reclining swing for those who want to enrich their hiking trip with particularly relaxing moments. And the next attraction follows on your heels: just one kilometre further on, a perfectly placed rest area invites you to take a break for refreshment - including a wide view of the Deggenhausertal valley to the north-west.

On its second half, the GuckinsLand circuit leads mainly through picturesque forests, across numerous clearings, a wooden bridge, another resting place and sometimes directly through solitary farmsteads. Always at your side: fascinating views deep into the hinterland and to the Alps.


Extensive road works in the Markdorf district of Möggenweiler are expected to be completed by mid 2021. This will lead to diversions within the district and the recommended entrance to the Vogelsang hiking car park will only be of limited use at times. Please pay attention to the current signage on site! The hiking car park is located approx. 150 m north of the Gasthaus Paradies; if necessary follow the signs to the Gasthaus. Alternatively, it would be possible to use the public car park at the cemetery, which is located on the signposted access road.

Since 2018, parking on the Markdorf market square has only been possible for a limited time. We therefore recommend that you use one of the other parking spaces listed in the hiking description.

Duration approx. 5 hours, length approx. 17 km.

At first the path continues along the forest, past Aussiedler farms and a playground with a fireplace. Shortly before the "summit" of the tour, the relaxation lounger at the edge of the forest offers an ideal opportunity to take a breather.

Now it is only a few hundred metres away: At 838 metres above sea level, the highest peak forms the largest elevation between the volcanoes of Hegau and Allgäu. The views from the pavilion specially erected for this purpose are correspondingly impressive: on a clear day, a breathtaking Alpine panorama of no less than 240 kilometres in length stretches before the eye of the beholder! A sight that sometimes makes you forget everything, even time... After leaving the highest behind you, a small coniferous forest with moss-covered soil and an almost fairytale-like appearance welcomes you. We continue in the direction of the Gewanns Heiligenholz, where a small wooden bridge has to be crossed in the middle of the forest.

Not long afterwards you reach the small village Oberhomberg via idyllic orchards. Here the landscape widens once more and offers magnificent views of Austrian and Swiss Alpine chains. So it's no coincidence that a comfortable wooden lounger invites you to relax at exactly this spot...

The rest of the tour leads over fields, through forests and past pastures to Azenweiler. After passing the village, the path becomes narrower and narrower and finally runs as a narrow path and a real "tightrope walk" through a - also atmospheric - dense mixed forest. After a few hundred metres you come back to the regular forest path, which winds down to Obersiggingen and into the Deggenhausertal.

From here you follow the village stream before you return to the car park in Deggenhausen via fields on the edge of the forest - and thus to the starting point of the Höchsten mountain tour.

Duration approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes, length approx. 10 km.

...and this knowledge, freely formulated after Hermann Hesse, applies especially to the station that gave its name to the premium hiking trail Bermatinger Waldwiesen. After an ascent through the village, the first vantage points towards the Alps and Salem Valley are reached via orchards and forest paths. Here you will find comfortable benches and wooden loungers for particularly comfortable breaks.

Soon after, the hiker arrives at the Bermatinger Waldwiesen - and is immediately enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this rare type of clearing: Naturally grown meadows, lined with dense forest and flowed through by a narrow stream invite you to a pleasurable picnic, preferably at the newly established picnic area. Further on, you approach Wiggenweiler and the farm of the same name, surrounded by paddocks, via fields and field paths. A few hundred metres further on, the tour leads past the former Weppach monastery and soon down a narrow forest path to Weppachbach. This is crossed on stepping stones lying directly in the water - a thrilling and fun experience, especially for children!

Now it's not far to the final highlight of the circular route, which, on a clear day, once again offers magnificent views of the northern peaks of the Alps: Vineyards lead gently down to the edge of Bermatingen, where the tour ends in the historic town centre - and often in one of the local inns.

A route planner, all details and information can be found here.

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