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Schmid´s pony farm
The pony farm for children

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Schmid´s pony farm

The pony yard for children

At the edge of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance in the midst of fruit plantations and wonderful nature lies our pony farm.
Of course, everything revolves around the pony... The concept is aimed at children aged 4-10 years. We will do handicrafts, paint, play, sing and children will be introduced to riding in a playful way. With small movement and balance exercises on the pony, the children learn to handle the animals according to their age. A lot of fun and joy is guaranteed!

What do we offer?

  • Pony birthday (can be planned individually)
  • Holiday games (dates 2019 see homepage)
  • Schmid´s Action days (e.g. Pony painting, Ponypicknick etc.)
  • Pony Pass
  • pony club
  • childcare

Are you looking for an idea for the next children's birthday party? You are missing the right holiday program? You have an important afternoon appointment, but unfortunately no care for the child? Your child loves animals and is looking for his or her first hobby?

We offer solutions for all this - your child is safe with us and meaningfully occupied.

Whether once a year, during school holidays or every week. We offer all sorts of things. For example, we meet weekly in the pony club. We sing, do handicrafts, ride with the ponies and clean them afterwards. On a Saturday of the month, we organize a day of action with excursion, picnic or pony painting. Children can earn their "Pony Pass" with us: In 6 hours we learn step by step everything about the little horses, create a folder which is both a memory and a nice souvenir. Food is also always taken care of. Our holiday programme runs from 08.00 - 12.00 or 14.00 and can also be booked on a daily basis. You can find the dates for the respective year on our homepage.

What distinguishes us from classical riding courses?

With us, there is no obligation, no must and much above all fun. A child at the age of 4-10 years does not have the necessary body development to control a pony. Even if they are little ponies at Schmid´s Ponyhöfle, they have a lot of strength.

The body of the children at this age is in the main growth phase.

Due to the growth, the tissue is particularly irritable. Above all the spinal column is damaged, with too early, genuine riding, since with riding enormous forces affect the body. This can lead to fractures of the growth joint. However, we care a lot about the health of your child and that is why we want to avoid long-term consequences.

Do you still have questions? We are looking forward to your inquiry and will be happy to answer all your questions personally.

See you soon at our pony yard,

Your family Schmid.

Corinna Schmid
Schmid’s Ponyhöfle
Habratsweiler 2
88048 Friedrichshafen
Tel.: 0151/29141986

We are as flexible as possible. We will be happy to suggest a suitable date for you.

Childcare: Individual inquiry - please contact us by mail or phone.

Pony club:

Tuesdays from 04:00 pm until 05:00 pm
Wednesdays from 02:00 pm until 03:00 pm
Wednesdays from 03:30 pm until 04:30 pm

Specials' day: One Saturday a month, dates can be found here.

Ponypass: Individually requestable - please contact us by mail or phone

Holiday programme: The dates are always announced before the school holidays. The program starts daily at 08.00 am and lasts until 12.00 pm. (NEW: Extension until 02:00 pm is possible, then of course with lunch). Important: The holiday program is always very popular - please ask in time.

Pony birthday: Individual request - please contact us by mail or phone.