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Skydive Nuggets
Action, adrenaline and adventure in the Allgäu

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Action - Adrenalin - Adventure in the Allgäu

... with this slogan the team of SKYDIVE NUGGETS in Leutkirch is courting its customers. Not without good reason. The Allgäu alone is worth a trip. And the whole thing still from a bird's eye view in connection with the free fall from 4000 meters from an airplane? Sounds promising. So you won't be disappointed if you entrust yourself to the professionals from Leutkirch Unterzeil for a tandem jump with 200 km/h.

The briefing only takes a few minutes and then it gets serious. With one of the fastest aeroplanes in Europe, a SuperVan 900, it only takes about 10-12 minutes to get to the drop height. In between, there is a short sightseeing flight over Leutkirch and its surroundings with a wonderful view towards the Alps and Lake Constance. Simply fantastic....

Exit - this is the command of the pilot when the aircraft door opens and one or the other asks himself: "What am I doing here?" But it's already too late. A few moments later you find yourself in free fall and the rapid thrill lasted almost 1 minute. That's probably what everyone has dreamed of before: Losing the ground under your feet and feeling free like a bird. An intoxication of the senses, simply indescribable...

After the umbrella opening in approx. 1500 meters the more comfortable part of the ACTION takes place. For a few more minutes one glides silently with the parachute back towards the earth.  The landing is extremely gentle. ADRENALINE will certainly be distributed abundantly during such a jump.

By the way, tandem jumping is basically possible for anyone who feels physically fit and does not weigh more than 90 kg. But exceptions are also possible here. An ADVENTURE for (almost) everyone.

Since 1995 SKYDIVE NUGGETS runs the parachuting centre in Leutkirch Unterzeil, which over the years has developed into the largest centre of its kind in Southern Germany. Several record holders and German champions in the various parachute disciplines have emerged there since then, according to Managing Director Alexander Simon.  The event centre is open from April-October daily except Monday. Training to become a skydiver is also possible at any time during this period.

If you value safety, individual care and a professional environment, then SKYDIVE NUGGETS is the right place for you. Various personalities and well-known companies have already entrusted themselves to the professionals from the Allgäu. By the way, the team has also specialised in company events for many years and can, therefore, look after larger groups at any time. In a pleasant ambience, everything can be organized here from company outings to catering. The adventure of tandem jumping starts at 139,00 €.

ACTION - ADRENALINE - ADVENTURE in the Allgäu - yes, there really is.

Skydive Nuggets
Flugplatz Unterzeil
88299 Leutkirch
Phone +49 (0) 7561 70021