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Barrier-free bathing at Lake Constance
Beach and outdoor swimming pools with barrier-free facilities

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Even for people who are limited in their mobility, beach baths are great holiday fun. From the ramp to the "water lift", many pools offer support for wheelchair users, among others. We have compiled an overview of barrier-free offers on Lake Constance for you - the list is constantly being expanded!

Open-air and seaside resort Fischbach

The open-air and seaside resort Fischbach was built according to "DIN 18040" specifications and is therefore completely barrier-free and handicapped accessible. In the bathroom, there are both ground-level pool accesses and a pool lift. In addition, the pool depth of the thermal pool is indicated by Braille on the entrance ladder. The lake is also wheelchair accessible via ramp and handrail. The sanitary facilities have handholds and emergency call buttons and can be reached with a Euro key. There are also disabled parking spaces in front of the bath.

Hagnau lido

The Strandbad Hagnau is barrier-free in the gastronomic areas as well as on the terrace and the entire interior. The car park and sanitary facilities are also accessible for handicapped people.

Lido Eriskirch

The Strandbad Eriskirch offers a wide range of options. From free parking, discounts (depending on the degree of disability) and paved paths in all areas of the bath, to waterproof wheelchairs for hire, the bath has important features for people with disabilities. There is also a ramp with a handrail at the lake and a ramp at the restaurant entrance. 

Leustetten Nature Adventure Pool

The Naturerlebnisbad Leustetten is limited barrier-free. The entrance area, the restaurant and the sunbathing lawn can be used by wheelchair users and people with slight walking disabilities without any problems. There is also a disabled WC and a changing room. However, the swimming pool itself can only be reached via a pool ladder. In addition, the entrance to the pool is located on a steep stretch of road, making it very difficult to reach the pool from below with a wheelchair.

Rheinstrandbad Constance

The Rheinstandbad Konstanz is almost unrestrictedly barrier-free. The only exception is access to the lake via a staircase.

Versehrtenbad Radolfzell

The Versehrtenbad Radolfzell on the Mettnau is fully barrier-free. The sanitary facilities are disabled-friendly and barrier-free and a bath lift to the water is also available.

Moos lido

The Strandbad in Moos is accessible for handicapped people and barrier-free. The kiosk with guest room and the lakeside terrace are equally accessible to all visitors.

Lido Immenstaad

During the renovation between 2000 and 2003, the Aquastaad Immenstaad attached great importance to accessibility. Accordingly, the bath has a shower wheelchair for access to the lake, a changing room and shower for the disabled and separate access to the indoor swimming pool. 

Wave outdoor pool Ailingen

There are disabled parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the Wellenfreibads Ailingen from which the outdoor pool can be reached quickly. In the bath itself, there are changing rooms, showers and toilets, some of which can be accessed with a Euro key. In addition, the bathroom has a drive-through pool, a fixed pool lift and deck chairs without armrests for wheelchair users.