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Hagnau on Lake Constance
Lake. Pleasure. Moments.

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In Hagnau (almost) every wish is fulfilled

Water, wine and wanderlust. On the northern shore of the deep blue Lake Constance, the idyllic fishing and winegrowing village of Hagnau is waiting to be discovered. Whether visitors to the village simply want to relax, tickle their taste buds or walk on historical trails - in Hagnau (almost) every wish is fulfilled.

Flowering gardens and lush harvests

Embedded in a huge orchard and vineyard, Hagnau holds a multitude of magnificent natural treasures almost all year round. Already in spring, when the snow on the mountain peaks thaws slowly and the buds of the fruit trees begin to blossom, the small village at the "Swabian Sea" shows its most beautiful side. At the latest in autumn, when crunchy apples, delicious pears and juicy plums can be harvested in abundance, one feels here like in the Garden of Eden.

If the sweet little fruits taste heavenly when enjoyed pure, they are simply worth a sin when distilled into delicious fruit waters by the local distilleries. A genuine local speciality is distilled from fully ripe Burgundy grapes: The Hagnauer Torkelwasser is stored for up to six years in the former red wine barrique and is a high-percentage noble brandy that caresses the tongue and palate with a velvety softness.

There is more to wine than just truth

Viticulture has a long tradition in Hagnau, but for the winegrowers, life was by no means always just wine blessed. The statue of Heinrich Hansjakob in front of the Hagnau Town Hall is still a reminder of this today. Hansjakob, who was a pastor in Hagnau from 1869 to 1883, founded the first winegrowers' cooperative in Baden in 1881 and thus contributed to the rescue of the traditional winegrowing on Lake Constance.

On guided tours that are as exciting as they are informative, you can walk on historical traces of winegrowing several times a month. It almost goes without saying that after the tour through the historic wooden barrel cellar, a noble Hagnau drop will be tasted. Those who prefer to see today's vine work will get their money's worth by walking with the winegrower through the vines and learn interesting facts about the wines of Hagnaus, which have been awarded in the double sense of the word.

This is because the grapes ripening on sunny southern slopes are used to produce top-quality wines that have already won several gold medals and "Wine of the Year" awards in international competitions, taking into account ecological aspects.

Historical voyages of discovery

A guided walk through Hagnau is also a regular way of discovering interesting things away from wine and vines. A schnapps distillery and a fishery are just two stops on the tour, which is enriched with amusing anecdotes from the history of Hagnau.

You can delve even deeper into history in the Hagnau Museum with its Stone and Bronze Age collection or the Heinrich Hansjakob Exhibition. Childhood memories, on the other hand, come to life in the "Small Museum", where dolls, dollhouses and other toys from the 19th and 20th centuries are on display.

Sport, fun and games

Sailing, rowing, kayaking or pedal boating, surfing or swimming - Hagnau leaves nothing to be desired by water lovers. But even those who don't like the cool water to be their favourite element don't have to do without leisure activities. At the free bathing place on the glittering shore of the lake, you can relax in the sun.

Active nature lovers can choose between hikes through gentle vineyards, mountain bike tours through the hilly Hagnau hinterland or Nordic walking through forests and meadows. But gentle leisure sports such as a leisurely round of mini golf are also very popular in Hagnau and guarantee fun for the whole family.

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