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Untersee & Hegau
Mystic borderland with Tuscan flair

Untersee & Hegau

To classify the region Hegau and Untersee are not quite easy: The Hegau is an unusual corner, a mystic borderland with a Tuscan flair, the Untersee rather presents itself as a fine corner of the Bodensee, framed by charming mountain ridges it captivates by its varied landscape and its variety. The region is definitely worth a visit.

Whoever travels the Hegau with open eyes will find something remarkable. For example, historical events in the form of a knight's castles and fortress ruins. Or on a bizarre topography with bizarre volcanic formations. But the Hegau is also unusual because of its direct neighbourhood to Switzerland with very special border situations. Anyone who starts in Öhningen and drives to Stein am Rhein crosses the border five times on the 22-kilometre route without seeing a single customs officer or tollgate. The German town of Büsingen has a German and a Swiss postal code. The German tax law applies, but the Büsingers get their purchases against Swiss francs.

The most famous volcanoes of the region

Nine volcanoes rise out of the Tuscany looking hilly landscape between the Swabian Alb and Lake Constance. They are of course all extinct and completely harmless but still have a very special charm. The best known of these are Hohentwiel, Hohenkrähen, Hohenhewen, Wartenberg, Wannenberg and Mägdeberg. The most famous Hegau volcano is Hohentwiel near Singen. Here visitors will not only find the largest fortress ruin in Germany, but Hohentwiel is also one of the oldest nature reserves in Germany.

Finely dressed up - the Untersee region

Visitors will find everything that makes Lake Constance so attractive in the narrowest of spaces in the Untersee region. There are natural shores, idyllic islands and peninsulas, beautiful bays, charming mountain ridges and of course a multitude of historic buildings. Those who are still not convinced to visit this Lake Constance region will feel welcome at the latest when they think of the well-known good gastronomy - from the rustic village economy to the trendy gourmet restaurant - and the top-class cultural offer. Fish lovers will get their money's worth during the whitefish weeks in September and October.

Nature experience for the whole family

From the lake, in particular, be it on a ship, in a canoe or on the slowly and silently gliding solar ferries, new perspectives open up over bays, peninsulas, islands and the Seerhein. At the same time, Untersee is one of the most important and species-rich ornithological regions in Central Europe. There is plenty to observe and discover here.

The Untersee guest pass promises free travel by bus and train in the Constance district. Guests staying overnight with this card can use public transport free of charge.