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Höri Peninsula
Between Radolfzell and Stein am Rhein

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Lake Constance peninsula Höri

The Lake Constance peninsula Höri is situated between Radolfzell and Stein am Rhein (CH) in Untersee and points with its peak near Horn to the island of Reichenau. Approx. 10,000 inhabitants live on 63 km² in the communities Moos, Gaienhofen and Öhningen. The Höri with the wooded Schienerberg, which rises to 715.6 m above sea level, is largely protected by nature or landscape.

The artists' island

The unique location of the Höri peninsula attracted numerous artists and writers in search of inspiration. While at the beginning of the 20th-century writers such as Hesse and Finckh were still tired of civilisation, Höri also became a refuge for persecuted artists after 1933. Walter Kaesbach, Otto Dix, Helmut Macke, Erich Heckel and Max Ackermann found a new home here near the Swiss border. Curth Georg Becker, Rudolf Stuckert, Walter Herzger, Rose-Marie Schnorrenberg settled here after the war. Today one can follow the traces of these celebrities in the cultural monuments, in the Hesse Museum Gaienhofen, in the Museum Haus Dix and in the Hermann-Hesse-Haus (1907-1912).

Successful work

According to legend, the Höri was created in this way: When God created the world, he first formed the continents, the high mountains, the great rivers and the lakes. At the end of his creation, he created the gems of this earth, Lake Constance and finally the hilly meadowland between Lake Zell and Lake Rhine, rich in bays and valleys. His last work seemed so successful that he exclaimed full of pride and enthusiasm: "Etz hör i" (Now I stop). The poet Viktor von Scheffel, for whom this landscape had become his second home, also put it similarly: "Allum's is fine and beautiful, here is a masterpiece by the creator of the world". The name "Höri" can of course also be explained differently: One speaks of a "Bischofshöri" - the affiliation of this region to the property of the prince-bishop of Constance.

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