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At the foot of Hohentwiel

The large district town of Singen at the foot of the Hohentwiel lies in the midst of the still largely untouched magnificent Hegau landscape: Characteristically formed former volcanic mountains, all crowned with castle ruins, hills, small lakes, forests and meadows make the Hegau - the "Lord of God's Bowling Game" - an ideal hiking country with many natural features and sights.

Upper Baden Economic Centre

Singen is an ancient square that has been continuously inhabited for over 4,000 years. The unique finds of prehistory and early history are shown in the Hegau Museum in the Count's Castle. Until the end of the 19th century, Singen was a cosy Hegaud village, as there are still many in the area today. Then railway and industry caused an extremely rapid growth to the Upper Baden economic centre. Singen is the seat of several well-known large companies and has developed into the far-flung shopping centre of the Hegau.

The capital of culture in the Hegau region

Green spaces, groups of trees, lovingly maintained gardens and playgrounds run through the entire urban area, extensive walking paths accompany the Aach River, where the grounds for the State Garden Show in 2000 also created a magnificent recreational landscape for the city. The landscape of the Hegau gives this town a great setting.

Cultural Centre Singen

The lively town of Singen at the foot of the Hohentwiel and metropolis of the volcanic landscape of Hegau is an economic, shopping and, above all, cultural centre. The municipal art museum offers a sensational art collection, including works by Ackermann, Heckel and Dix. The Stadthalle, newly opened in 2007, is the most modern event centre between the Black Forest and Lake Constance, offering a comprehensive programme of opera, theatre, rock, pop and classical concerts. Congresses, seminars and trade fairs round off the varied programme.

The Hohentwiel

Hohentwiel, the king of the Hegau volcanoes, delights its visitors with the largest German fortress ruin. The mountain got its shape during the ice age nine million years ago. The castle, built in 914, was the residence of Duke Burkhard III and his wife Hadwig. Through Scheffel's novel "Ekkehard" their history is still alive today.

After the fortress served in the 18th century as a place of punishment for state prisoners and was dragged down by the French in 1801, the exclave owned by the state of Baden-Württemberg was returned to the town of Singen in 1969. To celebrate this integration, the famous Hohentwiel Festival takes place every year in July on the Hohentwiel fortress ruins.

Tipps bei gutem und schlechtem Wetter

Ein tolles Ausflugsziel bei gutem Wetter in Singen ist der Hausberg Hohentwiel. Eine Wanderung auf den Hausberg lässt sich hervorragend mit einem Besuch auf der Festungsruine verbinden. Wer bei heißem Wetter nach einer Abkühlung sucht, sollte dem Aachbad in Singen einen Besuch abstatten.

Auch an weniger guten Tagen ist in und um Singen einiges los. Wir empfehlen das Museum Art & Cars mit seinen beiden Museen MAC I und MAC II. Hier kann man ein faszinierendes Zusammenspiel zwischen Kunst und Automobil erleben. Auch das Kunstmuseum und das Archäologische Hegau-Museum bieten spannende Ausstellungen. Vor allem für Kinder warten im Archäologischen Hegau-Museum einige Mitmachstationen, die die Vergangenheit spannend erlebbar machen.

Tourist-Information Singen
August-Ruf-Straße 13
78224 Singen
Phone +49 (0) 7731 85262

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