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Vorarlberg with its provincial capital Bregenz is located in the west of Austria. In addition to Lake Constance with its diverse leisure opportunities, the region offers excellent conditions for winter sports and climbing due to its mountainous landscape. Culture-hungry people are also right here - not only, but also because of the famous Bregenz Festival, which has a name far beyond the borders of the region.

Pure nature with sports facilities for summer and winter: The Vorarlberg region offers a particularly versatile nature because besides Lake Constance it also has numerous mountains, gorges and lakes. It is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts and climbers, for cyclists and mountain bikers, but also for water sports enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the diverse possibilities Lake Constance has to offer. Untouched nature can be found in the Rhine delta. The nature reserve serves numerous bird species as a breeding ground or for resting. Places of interest - the famous Bregenzer Seebühne and more: The place of interest that every tourist will think of first when mentioning Vorarlberg and Bregenz is, of course, the famous Bregenzer Seebühne. Every year, the Bregenz Festival takes place here, attracting a wide audience. But the region also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Especially in the cities many museums, cinemas and theatres await visitors.

Summer or winter sports, cycling tours and climbing, almost anything is possible in this region! This is why many tourists come here, again and again, to take advantage of all the possibilities. For culture lovers, the region naturally offers its own highlight in the form of the Bregenz Festival - the Bregenz Festival is worth a visit for its own sake. And once you are there, you can discover the other highlights of this versatile and unique region at the same time.