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Swimming in Lake Constance
Beach and leisure pools around Lake Constance

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Die Sonne strahlt, die Ferien stehen vor der Türe und das Wasser wird täglich noch angenehmer. Aufgrund der aktuellen, sich stetig aktualisierenden Lage und Vorschriften können wir für korrekte Öffnungszeiten nicht garantieren. Bitte prüfen Sie vor dem Besuch auf der jeweiligen Internetpräsenz der Bäder und Gemeinden die Voraussetzungen zum Baden im Bodensee. 

Swimming in the Lake of Constance

The beach baths on Lake Constance attract numerous locals and visitors in summer! Beach resorts offer opportunities for bathing, swimming and sunbathing on the shore of a bathing lake. It can be either artificial or natural, like Lake Constance. 170 kilometres of its total lake shore length of more than 270 kilometres are located in the two German federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria; the remaining hundred kilometres are allotted to the neighbouring countries of Austria and Switzerland. Here, from the city of Constance on the western shore to Lindau on Lake Constance on the opposite shore, numerous beach resorts on Lake Constance offer plenty of bathing fun for the whole family. The spectrum of beach baths on Lake Constance ranges from the lakeside as a bathing beach to commercial offers combined with an open-air swimming pool and the associated infrastructure such as restaurant, kiosk, changing rooms, bathing supervision and WLAN on the sunbathing lawn.

The shore on the beach is maintained and serviced, while access to the lido is subject to fixed opening hours. Some beach resorts on Lake Constance, for example in Constance or in Überlingen, Friedrichshafen and Lindau, offer a wide range of attractions, including communal barbecues in the summer months. Known as “dog beaches” at North Sea and Baltic Sea, there are also beach baths on Lake Constance, where one may bring their dog. At these separately marked beach sections the carriage of the four-legged friend is permitted. Evaluations of the water quality as well as the cleanliness of the beach, sunbathing lawn or changing rooms ensure quality awareness among beach visitors. They feel extremely well looked after and cared for in the beach baths on Lake Constance.

Flat beach ideal for children

In some beach baths at Lake Constance with a sandy beach, the beach slopes very flat towards the lake. Due to the shallowness of the water, the little ones have many opportunities to play and even the first swimming exercises are easy to learn. The children can literally run into Lake Constance over long distances. In contrast to the tides at the North Sea, the sandy beach at Lake Constance remains permanently dry because it is not flooded by the lake water.

Beach resorts at Lake Constance

On warm and hot summer days, the Lake Constance lido with its open-air swimming pool is the family's destination for the day. The water is cleaned and chlorinated. The little ones enjoy themselves in the paddling pool, the younger ones make their first attempts at swimming in the non-swimmer's pool before venturing into the swimmer's area. This leads out into Lake Constance with its significantly lower, i.e. colder, water temperature. The beach baths on Lake Constance are equipped in a variety of ways. Springboards and water slides are standard nowadays, and the multi-part reclining area is artificially laid out with shady trees and shrubs. The all-day swimming supervision ensures order and safety in these family beach baths on Lake Constance. Here the action is lively, and when playing badminton the ball sometimes flies in the wrong direction. The kiosk with its ice cream and soft drinks is well visited all day long and even besieged. The exact opposite of the beach baths with outdoor swimming pool at Lake Constance are the natural beach baths. They are rather an insider tip among connoisseurs and therefore often hardly known. Their location is often hidden and off the beaten track.

The pebble beach is natural, flat and changes into a small forest on land. For the beach visitors there are neither changing rooms nor parking lots. They come, look for their berth and enjoy the casual stay at the beach; without bath supervision, without entrance and without opening times. Even without an assessment of the water quality, they are aware that they can swim and swim in Lake Constance without hesitation. Such natural beach baths at Lake Constance are popular even without the otherwise usual infrastructure and are definitely a day destination for the family.

Water sports at Lake Constance

Depending on the size of the beach, visitors are offered more than just swimming and sunbathing. On the beach you have the opportunity for water sports such as stand up paddling, canoeing or pedal boating. The beach is divided into several sections for each activity. Here is the swimming area for the family, there is the beach area for beach sports such as volleyball or soccer. Then follows the water sports with its pedal boats, paddle boats and rowing boats, while towards the end of the beach owner and dog can have fun together. Each section of the beach is a unit of its own; all in all, this results in a several kilometre long lido on Lake Constance with parking, fixed opening hours and prices for the individual sections.

Beach baths as seasonal offer

Due to their location on the beach, the lidoes at Lake Constance are a seasonal summer offer. This also applies to the lidoes on Lake Constance with an open-air swimming pool. They are all designed to ensure that visitors can stay outdoors permanently and in good weather conditions. Some of them are connected to a campsite due to their proximity, others are not designated as lido, but have made a name for themselves as such among insiders. As fast as the beach baths on Lake Constance are occupied in the warm spring weeks, as fast they are abandoned again at the beginning of autumn.

From now on, many of them form a continuous lakeshore area. Those who walk directly by the water can often walk for miles along Lake Constance in these weeks and months, literally from beach to beach.

Dog beach at Lake Constance

Mister and dog can spend their holiday at Lake Constance together in one or the other lido. These are extensive stretches of shore without any visitor restrictions. The dog is let off the leash and can move freely on the beach. The beach baths at Lake Constance with dog are clearly signposted. The shore of the lake is overgrown and the beach is accessible free of charge from several places.