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Floating - Bodensee - Meersburg
Oasis of peace in the upper town of Meersburg

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Floating - Finding inner peace and experiencing weightlessness

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with a 60-minute floating experience in a top-class Dreampod, a kind of bathtub with lid. But what is floating anyway?

In addition to a stimulus shield from every source of noise and light in the pool, the floater, the pool, provides almost complete weightlessness in the water, which is enriched with more than 350 kg of highly beneficial Epsom salt. Floating can best be described as a weightless journey into one's own interior and the universe. While the unbearable hustle and bustle of everyday life disappear, you dive into a world of silence, peace of mind and weightlessness. The result is a long-lasting relaxation of the whole body, the relief of pain and the lasting reduction of stress. You sleep more relaxed, can concentrate better and simply feel better and healthier.

You can float alone or together as a couple.

What you can expect

The relaxation experience begins with a personal briefing: hygiene, explanation of the pelvis, answering personal questions. Included are shower cosmetics, shampoo, hairdryer, bath towels, drinks, ear plugs if required.


After showering, the 60-minute session begins. Underwater music, if desired, carries you into the journey into the ego. Normally, the first 15 to 20 minutes of a first session are used to adjust to the size of the Dreampod, drift and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness.
Depending on their openness and willingness, guests will report a variety of physical, physiological, and even spiritual benefits of their floating session. In any case, each visitor reports a feeling of total relaxation comparable to an intense yoga or meditation session and even a recovery that usually occurs only after many hours of sleep.

Time Expenditure

About two hours: Floating lasts one hour, before and after showering. It is not a mass processing, we plan 2 hours for you. You have your own room with shower. During this time you can also use the lounger in the floating room for resting - we do not offer a lounger for a longer stay: it is better to go for a walk in the fresh air after floating. Especially here at Lake Constance, in the historic town of Meersburg, we recommend a good meal as well as relaxing walks directly at Lake Constance with a fantastic view of the mighty Alps. Gourmets get their money's worth here.

What else you should know

We ask for a timely booking by mail or telephone.

While the worries of everyday life disappear, you can expect new impressions, weightlessness, relaxation, freedom from worries. On each visit, guests enjoy free parking, toiletries, a private bathroom, optional massage and a personal consultation before floating. You will find your own parking spaces right next to the house.

Naturheilpraxis & Floating Weyers
Nicole Weyers
Am Sentenhart 2
88709 Meersburg
Tel. +49 (0) 7532 807 5959

Tuesday + Friday 11:00 am - 07:00 pm
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