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Lake Constance region
The diverse regions on Lake Constance


1 Untersee & Hegau

Bodensee Region Untersee & Hegau

Untersee & Hegau

The regions Untersee and Hegau with Constance, Gailingen and Radolfzell are framed by charming mountain ridges in the northwest of the lake. The Hegau is an extraordinary place, a mystical borderland with Tuscan flair, the Untersee rather presents itself as a fine corner of Lake Constance. A multifaceted destination.

2 Überlinger See & Linzgau

Bodensee Region Überlinger See & Linzgau

Überlinger See & Linzgau

The Linzgau landscape is influenced by its proximity to Lake Constance, which ensures a mild climate. The landscape is characterised by fruit and wine growing. The Überlinger See is also known as the "Finger of Lake Constance". On one side of Überlinger See, the famous flower island of Mainau is located.

3 Obersee

Bodensee Region Obersee


Obersee offers an exciting mixture of culture, activity and, of course, proximity to Lake Constance. Cities such as Lindau, Friedrichshafen and Meersburg are just a few of the attractive destinations in the region!

4 Upper Swabia & Allgäu

Bodensee Region Upper Swabia & Allgäu

Upper Swabia & Allgäu

The best meets in this varied region: Unique swamp landscapes, baroque churches, monasteries and castles, beautiful small towns such as Sigmaringen, Biberach and Ravensburg as well as village idylls and a multitude of natural lakes and soothing thermal baths.

5 Vorarlberg

Bodensee Region Vorarlberg


Vorarlberg with its capital Bregenz is located in the west of Austria. In addition to Lake Constance with its diverse leisure opportunities, the region offers excellent conditions for winter sports and climbing due to its mountainous landscape.

6 Eastern Switzerland

Bodensee Region Eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland

Eastern Switzerland with places like Stein am Rhein, St. Gallen and Schaffhausen is characterised by its beautiful and contrasting nature. From the gigantic Rhine Falls to the idyllic Lake Constance with its numerous leisure activities, Eastern Switzerland offers a wealth of nature to suit every taste.

Regions around Lake Constance

The Lake Constance region is a uniquely diverse region full of nature which also offers large, pulsating cities such as Constance, Bregenz, Lindau, Überlingen and St. Gallen. This diversity is part of the special attraction Lake Constance has had for visitors and residents for years. The mild climate, which is unique in Germany, also ensures that the lake and its flora are unique in Germany. The many idyllic islands in Lake Constance are also very popular with visitors. Its location ensures the special, mild climate at Lake Constance. These special weather conditions and the resulting leisure possibilities, especially the versatile water sports, are also part of its attraction.

Cities and islands on Lake Constance

Lake Constance is home to many beautiful towns and some charming islands. Among the largest and best-known cities are Constance, Friedrichshafen and Ravensburg in Germany, as well as Bregenz in Austria and St. Gallen in Switzerland. Small towns with charm can be found everywhere. Worth a visit are Hagnau, Meersburg and Überlingen. The most popular islands are Mainau, Lindau and Reichenau. Each of these cities and islands has so much to offer that one could spend hours reporting on each of these dreamlike places. Together they have a wide range of sights, many leisure activities, a versatile gastronomy and a number of historical buildings and other sights worth visiting.

Accommodations on Lake Constance

Accommodations in the Lake Constance region are as varied as the lake itself. Holidaymakers can choose between holiday apartments, hotels, guesthouses and youth hostels. Holiday apartments are particularly important in the region, with many of them available in many different price ranges. Depending on the price range, the respective accommodations offer a direct view of the lake and their own gastronomy. Of course, there are also many campsites on the lake.