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Hohentwiel fortress ruin
The most beautiful panorama of Baden-Württemberg

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In the middle of Hegau

In the middle of Hegau - a landscape characterised by old extinct volcanoes - lies the impressive Hohentwiel fortress ruins on a striking mountain peak above Singen. With its nine hectares, it is considered one of the largest fortress ruins in Germany. And anyone who has ever enjoyed the impressive view of Lake Constance on a beautiful day during an excursion will confirm this: This is the most beautiful view in Baden-Württemberg!

1000 years of eventful history

The Hohentwiel fortress ruins can look back on a long and very eventful history and were long regarded as indomitable. The first castle was built in 914 and served as a residence for the Swabian dukes. After the year 1000 it became the property of the Zähringer dynasty and then of the common knight dynasties. Since the 16th century it has been a Württemberg enclave in the region of Upper Austria. Duke Ulrich had Hohentwiel converted into a state fortress. During the Thirty Years' War Hohentwiel gained the reputation of an impregnable fortress under its famous commander Konrad Widerholt (1598-1667), who was notorious for his raids. The fortress gained a rather dubious reputation in the 18th century when it was converted into the Württemberg state prison. The siege by the French in 1800 was met with complete surrender, on condition that the fortress was not destroyed. Nevertheless, Napoleon himself probably ordered the grinding of Hohentwiel. Since then it has been a romantic ruin...

A fortress ruin with many possibilities for discovery

Its defensive walls and casemates, its mighty tower stumps and the large ruins of its houses still give a good idea of how this bulwark must have worked in the 18th century. The ruins give an idea of its great history: a place of enchanted grandeur. And for children, the mysterious walls, hiding places and staircases are an absolute paradise!

In the old remise of the domain, halfway up the hill, is the information centre with a permanent exhibition. The history of Hohentwiel and its inhabitants is impressively and excitingly presented here. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a model of Hohentwiel Fortress in its 18th century state, i.e. before its destruction during the Second Coalition Wars.

The scene of a romance novel

In the Romantic period, the fascinating stories about Hohentwiel that still fascinate us today were rediscovered and turned into a dramatic romance novel by Joseph Viktor von Scheffel about Duchess Hadwig and the monk Ekkehard in 1855. This quickly became very popular and was the favourite novel of Reich Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Today, a bronze medallion commemorates it.

A paradise for nature lovers

The Hohentwiel is a massive volcanic vent itself a former volcano, is under nature conservation: flora and fauna of the mountain show many special species.

Even more exciting information, an overview of all guided tours and the Highlights 2019 can be found on the website of the Hohentwiel fortress ruins.

Fortress ruin Hohentwiel
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